PARIS Residential Complex

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Before buying a newly-built apartment in Odessa, you will want to study its layout carefully. Take note of some of the features of the apartment layout in the Paris RC.

First of all, all apartments in the newly-built Paris RC are open-plan. This means that you will decide how many rooms you want and how they should be laid out, and the builders will erect partitions according to your wishes. This service is included in the price of the apartment – you don’t have to pay any extra for it. Not many newly-built apartment blocks in Odessa offer this feature.

Secondly, the layouts are geared towards a European standard that offers a fresh, unconventional approach to apartment design. Today, maximum practicality in space organization is sought after, and this includes a studio kitchen or a niche kitchen. This layout is typical for the newly-built apartments in Odessa’s Paris RC.

The Paris Residential Complex is a combination of excellent construction quality, great location, and affordable price. Newly-built apartment blocks in Odessa come in a variety of categories. By choosing the Paris RC, you are choosing the optimal combination.