PARIS Residential Complex

Today, all newly-built apartments blocks in Odessa have names. This trend strives to imbue construction projects with uniqueness and individuality. The symbolism of the “Paris” name can be read in the architectural appearance of the building. When designing the visual image of the Paris Residential Complex, its authors, Mikhail and Dmitry Povstanyuk, tapped into the architectural heritage of the Odessa history. This resulted in an exterior that combines smooth lines of the French esthetics and the façade glazing which offers a panoramic view of the sea and the city.

Today, the newly-built apartment blocks in Odessa can be tentatively classified into two architectural categories. The economy segment buildings feature an understated, pragmatic look, with muted façade colors, minimalist décor and strict geometry. The premium class buildings boast a more eclectic architecture, with a characteristic mixture of styles and dissimilar visual elements.


The Paris Residential Complex complements the urban architecture with a French Art Nouveau look, with that style’s goal of creating equally functional and esthetically pleasing buildings, and preferring curved elements over right angles.