PARIS Residential Complex

Technical specifications of the Paris Residential Complex:

  • Monolith reinforced concrete framework
  • Exterior walls and apartment partitions of foamed concrete
  • Panoramic glazing using energy-saving insulated panes of high-tech tempered glass;
  • Suspended façade system of stable anti-corrosion profile and aluminum panels, integrated plastic steel window systems
  • Ceiling height – 3 m
  • Open-play apartment layout
  • Two-level apartments on the higher floors (with a rooftop terrace option)
  • Own rooftop boiler house
  • Pump station
  • One-day water reserve
  • Otis high-speed elevators – passenger and freight
  • Interior finishings: apartment partitions, metal fireproof main doors, cold and hot water counters, electric cables, phone, TV and internet cables;
  • Two-level parking
  • Landscaped outside space. Playground.